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Books Available for Purchase

The books make for a very good gift for anyone who enjoys reading about history.

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One of the missions of the Friends of Hopewell Furnace is education about historical iron making and the iron making experience.  In futherance of this mission, we publish books and media as shown below.

Please follow the links for a more detailed description of the items and prices. The prices primarily cover the publication costs (if applicable) and shipping costs.
DVD and Print Available for Purchase

The DVD presents the story of life on the Hopewell Furnace iron plantation in the 19th century.  The print reproduces a painting of the Hopewell Furnace plantation in its heyday.

For details about each item and to purchase click on a link below:
From Out the Fiery Furnace DVD
Hopewell Furnace Print
William Bird Book
Mark Bird Book
Blake's Story Book
Thomas Rutter Book
Samuel Nutt Book
Reading Furnace Book
Original Office and Store
The Friends of Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site
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